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Cast iron castings

Our cast iron foundry offers high quality castings, and utilizes modern equipment that is non-troublesome to the environment. Indeed, care for the natural environment is a paramount value for all the largest cast iron foundries today. By choosing our services you can be sure that Nature will come to no harm while your product is being manufactured.

We manufacture cast iron, alloy cast iron and non-ferrous castings. Hydro-Vacuum S.A. offers comprehensive assistance, starting from the design stage, through to modelling, moulding and machining of the finished product, including painting. We guarantee that our cast iron castings are manufactured with the greatest respect for quality. They are notable for their exceptional durability and reliability. An additional advantage of the manufacturing process is the care we take for the environment: our plant is equipped with modern, dust collection systems that efficiently limit the foundry's impact on its surroundings. See what we can do for your company!


type name designation composition weight
cast irons flake graphite cast iron EN-GJL-150, EN-GJL-200, EN-GJL-250   up to 300kg
spheroidal graphite cast iron EN-GJS-350-22 LT
EN-GJS-400-15, EN-GJS-500-7
alloy cast iron chromium cast iron ZbCr1 0,80-1,00% chromium
ZbCr2,5 2-3% chromium
ZbCr16 14-17% chromium
ZbCr32 28-34% chromium
copper cast iron ZlCu 1,0 copper 0,8-1,2%
tin phosphorous bronze B101 CuSn10P up to 100 kg
silicon brass MK80 CuZn16Si3

Pictures of exemplary castings

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